The survivalist nature of things

Fire does not want to die. When it runs out of fuel it desperately looks for more and will even jump across roads to find it. This is amazing considering that fire has no true mind of its own. Colds don’t want to die either. When someone has a cold, their body starts fighting itContinue reading “The survivalist nature of things”

Are athletic golf shoes the emperor’s new clothes?

Are golf shoe manufacturers destroying your golf game and fleecing you at the same time? Golf shoes used to be about stability. This requires a stable and relatively flat sole. It has been this way since the beginning. Then, something changed. Companies that make trainers, got into golf. Enter golf trainers/sneakers (whatever you want toContinue reading “Are athletic golf shoes the emperor’s new clothes?”

What supermarkets don’t want you to know

Since the Brexit referendum result a few years ago something curious has been happening to the cost of food in the UK. The prices have stayed pretty similar which, given the weak pound (remember a lot of food is imported) shouldn’t be possible right? Right. What has changed is that supermarkets are slowly, discreetly, reducingContinue reading “What supermarkets don’t want you to know”

How to recognise poor culture at a company

Look at the small things. They tell you everything you need to know and they are extremely difficult to hide. But firstly, why do we care about the small things? Because, in the end, the small things reveal the culture of a company and poor culture destroys a company from the inside out. But whatContinue reading “How to recognise poor culture at a company”

Will they keep on building higher until there is no room (on the platform)?

Canary Wharf was a Las Vegas type experiment. If you build it, they will come. The problem is, they did come and they kept coming but the transport solution remains unchanged from an era when there were only a fraction of the number of workers in the Wharf. 10 years ago, getting in and outContinue reading “Will they keep on building higher until there is no room (on the platform)?”

Why is London public transport one of the worst in the first world?

Victoria station had chicken wire holding up the ceiling for at least 10 years, maybe longer. Chicken wire (!). The other stations were not much better. London is supposed to be the capital of the world and the world’s leading financial centre… and here we are with chicken wire holding up ceilings. Add to thisContinue reading “Why is London public transport one of the worst in the first world?”

What does it mean to think for yourself?

What if I told you that most of your thoughts are not your own? That sounds crazy. Of course our thoughts are ours… or are they? How much advertising are you unconsciously aware of? How much is just going on in the background, out of direct thought but nonetheless there, quietly planting seeds for laterContinue reading “What does it mean to think for yourself?”