The strong in nature feed off the weak

In the wild, lions and other predators get strong by feeding off the weak. They don’t get strong by trying to make a meal of the alpha buffalo, that is difficult to do. Instead, they attack the young and immature, the old, the injured and sick. Not all animals are predators of course. A lotContinue reading “The strong in nature feed off the weak”

Why the far Left and far Right can never lead a country

The only functional political solution is central. Why? In the main the far Left rely on people who need the state. That is to say that without the assistance of the state they would not survive. These are people who don’t have the skills to survive in a modern economy. How it came about thatContinue reading “Why the far Left and far Right can never lead a country”

Why, everything in Blockbuster Hollywood films is the opposite of reality

If you study successful films over the last 20 years you will note that they most are fantasy based. Humans love fantasy. We love it because it is the opposite of reality. Reality is driven by survival of the fittest and market forces and if you are on the wrong side of this there isContinue reading “Why, everything in Blockbuster Hollywood films is the opposite of reality”

What your TV habits tell the world about your self belief

What we do with our time depends on our perception of what we can achieve with it. The less you think you can achieve, the more likely you are to spend time watching TV or playing video games. Watching TV (streaming or otherwise) or playing video games has an opportunity cost, there is no wayContinue reading “What your TV habits tell the world about your self belief”

The people are the problem or the solution

People like to euphemistically refer to certain places as dangerous or safe as if there is something about the streets or the buildings that make a place dangerous or safe. Top tip: streets or buildings never hurt anyone. People do. The truth is that when people say that a place is dangerous they mean thatContinue reading “The people are the problem or the solution”

Where did Apple go wrong?

Apple started messing up on basics. This is kind of like what happened to the Titanic when it broke the first law of shipping: don’t sink. Apple made the same mistake. How did this happen? Let’s start with the MacBook Pro’s. By focussing on size (thinness) and speed the my forgot the most basic ofContinue reading “Where did Apple go wrong?”

Why Trump won and why America may need him to win again

The natural political balance is the centre. Not too far right and not too far left. As long as politics doesn’t stray from the centre too much, there is no need for the far Left or the far Right. Things change if politics lurches significantly one way or the other and, because those in theContinue reading “Why Trump won and why America may need him to win again”

Two kinds of immigrants

There are two different reasons you leave your country: 1. You wreck your country yourself and then leave. 2. Your country gets taken over by a different group who wrecks it so you have to leave. Let’s break down number 1: If those in power are not persecuting you because you have a different religionContinue reading “Two kinds of immigrants”

Why big cities are so resilient

When London (or any other big city) suffers a terrorist attack there is an initial shock which lasts a few hours or maybe a day but pretty soon you will notice that people go on with their lives and tweet pictures of themselves going out to dinner or drinks and hash tagging it with #LondonisstrongContinue reading “Why big cities are so resilient”