The strong in nature feed off the weak

In the wild, lions and other predators get strong by feeding off the weak. They don’t get strong by trying to make a meal of the alpha buffalo, that is difficult to do. Instead, they attack the young and immature, the old, the injured and sick.

Not all animals are predators of course. A lot of animals collaborate and work together. You see this with the oxpecker that sits on top of the ox and eats the ticks that are biting the ox. It is win/win. So when people say we are different to animals, of course we are, but in many ways we are very similar.

In business there are predator companies that make money by targeting people who are not very smart or are young and immature. They use marketing to make their target audience part with hard earned money for something they don’t really need. This is predatory. Is it bad or good. I don’t know. I guess it’s like asking whether it is bad or good that a lion eats a baby gazelle.

Go through your favourite companies and ask yourself, are they predatory? You will be surprised. There are a lot of wolves out there in sheep’s clothing.

Maybe it is not a “bad or good” question. Maybe that is just how it is.

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