Why the far Left and far Right can never lead a country

The only functional political solution is central.


In the main the far Left rely on people who need the state. That is to say that without the assistance of the state they would not survive. These are people who don’t have the skills to survive in a modern economy. How it came about that they don’t have the skills is a separate issue but the result is the same, they are not able to obtain enough resources themselves to survive and need welfare of some kind. There are of course successful people on the left too but on average the person who votes left tends to be unable to stand on their own two feet without assistance.

Contrast this with the far Right who on average require very few resources from the state. They are, on average, highly successful at surviving in a modern economy without government assistance. Again, how they achieved this is a separate matter.

Now, whether people are left leaning or right leaning is not static. You can be in a situation where you need no assistance and you vote for the Right but then you suffer an accident and can no longer work so you vote for the Left. Or, you can’t find work (so you vote Left) but then discover a hidden talent, get a great job or get lucky (so you vote Right). Again, this is on average and there are always exceptions.

As such, the far Right means suffering for people who cannot survive without welfare of some kind. The far Left means suffering for just about everyone (barring the Left elite) as the successful people can no longer be successful in a communist state and leave or become unproductive meaning there is no money for the people who need state assistance.

Neither extremes make for a successful country. You need the Centre.

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