Why, everything in Blockbuster Hollywood films is the opposite of reality

If you study successful films over the last 20 years you will note that they most are fantasy based. Humans love fantasy. We love it because it is the opposite of reality. Reality is driven by survival of the fittest and market forces and if you are on the wrong side of this there is little you can do. As such we embrace fantasy. It explains why Harry Potter did so well. The reality is many people have horrid families, little or no valuable skills and frankly no future. Imagine if there was a fantasy world where we had magical powers and a cool family story! This is what J K Rowling figured out. She gave people the fantasy.

Marvel Comics are the same.

Let’s take the recent success of The Joker. Here we have a film about someone with a mental health challenge who starts a revolution and becomes a hero. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was how the world worked? In reality, on average, this doesn’t happen. In reality, people like The Joker don’t start anything and society stomps all over them if they are not institutionalised. We wish it were not so and so when a film about an alternative reality comes out we go mad for it.

All these films/books are successful because they portray the opposite of reality. In fact, they provide a brilliant way to know what reality is. It is the opposite of everything you see. The hero is really the villain. The person has magical powers because in reality they are weak. The person who is strong and beating people up is really weak and needs protection. By doing this exercise you will learn all you need to know about reality.

it’s ok to love fantasy, but don’t confuse it with the real world, it’s the polar opposite.

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