What your TV habits tell the world about your self belief

What we do with our time depends on our perception of what we can achieve with it. The less you think you can achieve, the more likely you are to spend time watching TV or playing video games.

Watching TV (streaming or otherwise) or playing video games has an opportunity cost, there is no way around this (it means you can’t spend that time reading/creating/building/exploring). By choosing to spend your time watching TV/playing video games you are effectively telling the world that your time is not worth very much.

This is not to say that some TV in moderation is bad. The problem is when it becomes a dominant draw on your time or you “just have to watch this series, it is so good!!” TV and video games are a form of drug designed to be addictive and must be consumed with caution (if at all). While I don’t have the data I would guess that highly successful people (on average) watch very few TV series and play very few video games. Conversely, I would predict that (on average) the less successful you are the more TV you probably watch and the more impressive your video game ability and Netflix catalogue.

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