Why Trump won and why America may need him to win again

The natural political balance is the centre. Not too far right and not too far left. As long as politics doesn’t stray from the centre too much, there is no need for the far Left or the far Right.

Things change if politics lurches significantly one way or the other and, because those in the centre never do anything, the only way balance can be restored is by the far Right or far Left rising. That is, rather than resent the far Left or the far Right one should embrace them as they are essential.

Some say the mainstream media and the education system is controlled by the Left. There are also suggestions of deplatforming by the major tech companies in favour of the Left and complaints of widespread shutting down of free speech under the guise of “hate speech”. This is dangerous ground for the future of America.

If the Left want to neutralise Trump, the solution is simple, move back to the centre. Given where they are at the moment this may mean a significant move to the Right. If the Left doesn’t realise this, and think instead that the rise of the Right is due to racism, Trump will win again and, for the safety of Americans, he may need to.

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