Leaving public service

Is it possible to work in government and then move to the private sector?

I know a lot of people do manage to make the jump but common sense suggests it should be very difficult. Why?

The reason is you cannot trump your environment. Or, put another way, if you are in a bad environment and stay there for a long period of time you have no choice but to become like those around you.

When you work for the government and provide public service you treat your customers poorly. You do because you can. Because no matter how bad you are, it doesn’t matter. If you are late, it doesn’t matter. If the trains are dirty, it doesn’t matter. If there are complaints, it doesn’t matter. If you get fined, it doesn’t matter. There is no competition. Nothing matters.

If you spend long enough in such an environment it changes you irreversibly. I am not sure someone who has had contempt for customers for a long period can ever successfully move to the private sector where the customer is king and everything you do, matters.

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