The survivalist nature of things

Fire does not want to die. When it runs out of fuel it desperately looks for more and will even jump across roads to find it. This is amazing considering that fire has no true mind of its own.

Colds don’t want to die either. When someone has a cold, their body starts fighting it with its immune system. At some point the person starts sneezing. I am not sure why people start sneezing but the result in that the germs spread and often find another host in this way. Like the fire, it jumps to survive.

Companies are like that too. When a company’s product is not longer relevant it does not just die, it pivots, it tries other things, it will swap out its CEO, it will fire and hire, it will borrow money, it will issue more equity, it will do anything to survive until the bitter end. While we think of a company as just people and that the people are making the decisions, I wonder if there is more to it, whether the company has a ‘mind’ of its own, a mind that seeks survival independently of the team that run it?

The same may be said for political ideologies. Take socialism and communism. Both have failed every time they have been tried and you would think that that would be it, you would never see it again. And yet, here it is again having jumped to parts of the American and British political class and seems to be taking hold. Could it be that socialism and communism have a ‘mind’ of their own and will seek survival independently of those that promote it, even jumping countries if need be?

The question I leave you with is if ideas do have lives independent of those that come up with them how can we make this work for us? I leave that with you.

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