The end of camo

Camouflage style fashion is done.

It always walked a fine line in that it is really for the military and when you wear something too military you open yourself up to the question: where did you serve? If you didn’t, there is no real come back from that. As such, the clothing had to have a military ‘theme’ (but not go beyond that) to be acceptable.

In the last year or so camo became huge again. You saw it everywhere. Jackets, trousers, shirts, bags, heck, even watch straps. Then, we peaked. Calling it here. Camo is done for this round. Sure, like all fashion, it will return but camo won’t really exist in 2020, at least not by those breaking new ground. There will be stragglers, those late to the party who arrive as the lights come on but don’t be fooled. Camo is done.

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