Are athletic golf shoes the emperor’s new clothes?

Are golf shoe manufacturers destroying your golf game and fleecing you at the same time?

Golf shoes used to be about stability. This requires a stable and relatively flat sole. It has been this way since the beginning. Then, something changed. Companies that make trainers, got into golf.

Enter golf trainers/sneakers (whatever you want to call them) into the golf world. These are comfortable to walk in but they are not stable. In fact, when A certain trainer and clothing company was working with Rory Mcilroy to design a golf shoe the one thing he apparently asked for was “stability”. Something sorely lacking in the golf trainer world.

But why are golf trainers suddenly such a good idea? Could it be that trainer manufacturers already make trainers and so all their equipment is set up for that and it is much cheaper to repurpose trainers as golf shoes rather than actually make golf shoes?

What is also amazing is how if you get golf stars to wear anything for a little while and pump the marketing machine, then the rest of us start believing it’s a good idea. It’s the “influencer” marketing strategy and it is hard to resist. Nobody wants to look uncool.

We have even noticed some pros getting paid to sport golf hoodies. Why? Well their sponsors already make hoodies and the average golfer doesn’t wear one so wouldn’t it be sweet if they could increase their customer base that way? That is all it is. Hoodies are not used for golf because they are non functional, particularly in the wind but don’t let that stop you copying the hired guns out there. Oh and put your trainers on at the same time that put all your weight on your toes. Yeah that will help.

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