Will they keep on building higher until there is no room (on the platform)?

Canary Wharf was a Las Vegas type experiment. If you build it, they will come.

The problem is, they did come and they kept coming but the transport solution remains unchanged from an era when there were only a fraction of the number of workers in the Wharf.

10 years ago, getting in and out of Canary Wharf was pretty simple. No real queues to speak of. You kind of just went to the platform and got the first train or if you wanted to guarantee a seat you might wait one train. No more. Now each day is a catastrophic kettling experience like you took a wrong turn and got caught in a surge of the crowd at an overcrowded rock concert. Except, the music you face is not the kind you want.

How did this happen?

Poor planning. No leadership. They keep building more and more buildings but no more transport. That we are now facing delays almost every day is no wonder. You can’t attract the best talent in the finance world when you offer this experience every day. Something will give.

Just your average Canary Wharf experience

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